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Entering the SNAPDRGN garden

Now that the SNAP project has started ingest finalized data from the initial core datasets, it is time to think about how to bring in material from the other partners. For some, this will be easy, as they already know to make available their data in RDF form on the open web and simply need to follow the guidelines in the Cookbook. For others quite a lot of work will be involved getting SNAP ready. This post describes some of the stages you may go through, and some of the problems that you may meet.

I have divided the work into six steps: Continue reading Entering the SNAPDRGN garden

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names in SNAP

The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names ( started in 1972 as a British Academy Major Research Project to collect and publish all known ancient Greek personal names; it was well into digitisation by the early 1980s, so it has a proud 30 year history of involvement in technological developments and interest in long-term data management. LGPN primarily, however, produces printed volumes (seven to date) which cover different geographical areas, so the exposure of material in linked data form for SNAP necessitates doing some new work on mapping from the existing database structure to the new ontology. Continue reading The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names in SNAP